Welcome to the Romero Group Charitable Trust

We’re a local charity, giving individuals and organisations the opportunity to access grant funding to make a difference in our community.

Who are the Romero Group Charitable Trust

We’re a charity based in Leeds, founded by the Romero Group, who’s mission it is to provide financial support for the communities in which we work. Our support is open to anyone, whether it be individuals or organisations, to support those experiencing financial hardship, or to help fund projects that are for the betterment of their community or an industry in need.

Our Latest Campaign

Cricket Club
Development Grants

Cricket clubs are at the heart of British Culture. For hundreds of years, this noble sport has enthralled the nation, but many cricket clubs across the country are struggling to provide progressive clubs and facilities due to a lack of funding.

Our latest campaign aims to help cricket clubs support the next generation of players in the sport. We will be providing grants of up to £1,000 to cricket clubs to support them in developing youth programmes, refurbishing facilities to encourage more youth participation, or accessing kit allowing the next generation of players to engage with the sport.

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