Young Golfer Summer Scholarship

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The Romero Group Charitable Trust will be providing scholarship grants of up to £500 per organisation throughout this grant giving campaign.

The purpose of these grants is to support golf clubs in encouraging young golfers into the sport. The intention is that these grants support individual young golfers, so clubs are encouraged to apply for scholarship funding to be used for a specific child.

This intention is to ensure that the funds supplied can have the maximum impact for the individual beneficiary.

Applications are open until Friday 9th August 2024


Please read these carefully before applying, and if you have any questions about whether your project might be eligible, drop our team an email here.

You can read our full eligibility criteria here.

Supporting Golf Clubs & Young Golfers

Grants will be given to help UK golf clubs develop, grow & encourage young golfers into the sport. The purpose of the grants is to ensure the game is accessible for young people from any background who might not have the resources to take up the sport independently.

Grants of up to £500 will be provided to the club, in order to fund the purchase of necessary equipment for a nominated child as well as the provision for introductory golf lessons for a young person to take part.

The grants should be applied for in order to support a specific beneficiary, who should be under the age of 16 years old at the time of application.

For any application, please provide detail regarding the young person you intend to support with the grant – this can be provided anonymously (you don’t need to name the young person), but it would benefit our trustees to understand the individual situation of the recipient to ensure we are support those most in need.

We will strive to support as many individuals as possible, but please remember not every application will receive funding and the decision of the charity trustees is final.


To ensure our funding reaches those who need it most and is invested responsibly, we must ensure that any grant recipients adhere to the following guidelines.

Your project must:

  • be submitted by an applicant aged 18 or older
  • be UK based and for the benefit of UK communities
  • not be used for commercial gain of an individual or organisation (the project raising funds which are reinvested into the project is acceptable – eg. From discretionary donations for individuals to take part)

Your organisation must:

  • have a bank account in its own name and have been operating for at least 12 months


If you are successful in your application, the Romero Group Charitable Trust will confirm this to you in writing.

As part of the requirements for the grant to be paid, we will ask for estimated timescales for engagement with the nominated recipient. We need you to submit evidence of how your funding has been spent within an agreed timescale. This is so we can be sure that the grant has been used appropriately and within the eligibility criteria outlined in the application process.

Included in our funding agreement, will be an obligation for your organisation to recognise the Romero Group Charitable Trust when the project is complete. This could be through encouraging you to share and publicise the support that has been offered by our charity.

The charity also retains the right to publicise our funding in your project through usage of supplied images of the project (exceptions may be made for any projects of a sensitive nature).